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Andrew Hartnett

Hi, I am just writing say great job on this site and your words. I have recently come to the cane/walking stick out of semi necessity (torn acl and collateral). I've studied martial arts off and on--growing up in Hawaii and while recently attending law school in Kansas. The latter experience introduced me to filipino stick fighting, which I took to in good faith but with doubts regarding practical efficacy. Since realizing that the cane is available (and thankfully so, given my aging, premanently injured body) and applicable to much of the techniques I learned, I have become a little bit of a fanatic... at least for the time being. With that fanatacism has come some info searching online, and that's how I came upon your site.

I write here only to say that I very much agree with and/or appreciate your thoughts, experience and philosophy on the subject. You especially mirror my own recent thoughts regarding self-defense--that there is great value in the cane that can and should be explored, but that avoidance (or de-escalation) of violence is the foremost technique for personal safety and health. This simply cannot be overstressed. When people learn martial arts, when they carry a knife or gun or pepper spray, the ultimate self-defense weapon of mindful, dignified and healthy fear seems to move to the background. This to me has always seemed based in a fantasy image of how brutal attacks occur and how one's new techniques or weapons will cinematically save the day. The same can be true for canes, though they are, for multiple reasons, a better choice than the weapons mentioned above. Anyway, kudos to you on your delivery and position.

Wanting to avoid going on and on any further, I'll leave it here and say well done, well said, and I wish you and any other readers well.

John Dowdell

Cool, thanks for the confirmation, Andrew! :)

I'm behind on my writing here, but I learned a lot about the cane in daily life while in China, and have seen growth since returning to San Francisco too. Carrying a stick seems a very natural way to walk, and it's tons of fun to manipulate a cane too. I've got to get my thoughts in gear before the next stage, though.... ;-)

I know what you mean about searching hard for a subject of recent interest. If you ever put your own thoughts on stick use up on the Web, then please drop a link here to make it easier for other searchers too, thanks!

(btw, have you hit YouTube yet, for the Nupe mini-cane twirling? Lots of people doing good things here... check out single-cane and multi-cane videos for samples.)

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