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Sorry to read about your treatment in the curry crab place. My only non-racist suggestion for the behavior is that maybe they thought you wanted to nurse your beer, especially since you went there earlier than usual (foreigner) dinner time? If so, were other non-Asian tables with beers and the Asian tables minus beer? Otherwise, that suggestion would get immediately invalidated. (Also, funny (peculiar vs "haha") that they'd do things to make you hold on to a table for that long. Usually, the modus operandi at such places would be to try to get you -- a single diner -- out ASAP to make room for others!)

One last thing: "m'goi" is indeed used to say "thank you" and "please". Less so "sorry" though -- but it also is used for "excuse me". :)

John Dowdell

Both Asian and non-Asian tables could get beer before the staff meal. But only the Asian tables ordered or received food. Just knowing that we wouldn't be able to place an order for an hour would have helped....

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