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A man after my own heart... I've studied all those conspiracies in depth and I have to say, the stories have holes so big an elephant could drop through them. There's undoubtedly something TO those stories (beyond what they try to make us believe).

911? It's interesting. Check this page - http://demopedia.democraticunderground.com/index.php/MIHOP ... there are some interesting videos linked there. I found most interesting the one where you can see poofs of smoke (like pops/explosions that are done when taking a building down for demolition) coming out about every 10-20 stories -- right before the debris gets down to that level. If you're interested and you can't find that one, I'll link you to it.

I like that page because of all the eyewitnesses and video mainly. I'm a "see for myself" kinda girl... Ciao. :)

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