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that is so wrong, lol. you're right though. Putting "free Pimsleur downloads" and other little related phrases in there really catches people. any who, great blog. have a great life...oh yeah, just out of curiosity, when this life is over, where do you think you'll be? Most people guess about it and hope they know what will happen...but I can tell you that I know for sure. If you think about it, all of the things on Earth - from the smallest flower to the mightiest mountain - proclaim indefinately that it is impossible for them to exhist without a creator. Only a fool believes that a world as beautiful (or vice versa) could happen by chance. There is an impeccable explanation for it all. If I were to tell you that I know the TRUTH, would you believe me? ...probably not, but I dare you to stop ignoring that urge inside of you to find out why you're here...and find the ANSWER! The Earth was created by God (the Creator). He gave us His WORD (THE TRUTH) - the HOLY BIBLE - to show us why we are here and what we are here for. I emplore you to find a copy of the BIBLE and read it for yourself... if you have any trouble figuring out exactly what it means, seek guidance from someone. I would love to answer any questions you have. feel free to e-mail me at masayume_sms@yahoo.com . Life is only so long; can you afford to waste it?


Your right about everything Stephanie..except for the Bible part. God's complete and FINAL message was revealled to Muhammad in the HOLY QURAN. The Bible was right for its time, but with the advent of Islam and the HOLY QURAN, the Bible holds no spiritual or religious jurisdiction.

John Dowdell

Actually, I created both of you, so hearing book recommendations now is a wee bit amusing.

Crystal Amendola

Does anyone know where I can download a pimsleur italian mp3? I have a set but one of the cds got ruined, and I would like to download only that cd. Thanks, Crystal


That John fellow has it right. You two are really just his figments. Oh and while were at it... WORDS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. if you want really good VOCABLULARY, and as close to the TRUTH about how to use them... and i think its out of print so there might be NO TIME LEFT! well, its a handy book. If only they had one like it for second language study.....(see, my comment kinda had to do with the article it was commenting on)

oh, its by ROBERT GREENMAN...just so you KNOW.

Robert Greenman

This is to Steve, who, on March 7, 2006, made reference to my book, "Words That Make a Difference." Steve, if you're within the sound of this blog, would you please get in touch with me? I'm the author. Thanks.
Robert Greenman

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