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Mike Barbarelli

Hi John. Thank you for this post about mobiles in India. It's very cool that you are learning so many languages. I could never do that.

In my life, I've moved beyond the whole "Eastern Culture" thing. All that matters to me anymore is medical and veterinary science. The mechanics of life. All other forms of knowledge seem like meaningless abstractions of a common truth. I realize I'm making a big mistake by taking on that attitude, but I can't seem to help it.

Your voracious hunger for knowledge inspires me to be more open-minded.

Mike B.

Oh my God. I just read my last post and realized how pretentious it sounds. Excuse me while I go dunk my head in my fish tank. (The tank with the Asian fish, of course.)

John Dowdell

heh, no worries, good to "see" you, Mike. We each do what we have to at that time... doing the thing you find best, right now, helps in all ways, true...?

(btw, if that fish tank is filled with beer, give me a holler, okay? ;-)


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